I am a sole practitioner (in Polish: adwokat) qualified to practice in Poland, specializing in handling litigation cases and providing legal services for entrepreneurs and startups. Since the beginning of 2019, I have been working in GdaƄsk and Warsaw.

I advise in local and international projects and cases, in English and Polish. 

I also prepare applications for public financing in research and business projects. 

In 2015, I was awarded the Rising Star title by Gazeta Prawna.


I have worked in the legal profession for over 10 years.

I worked with international law firms and law boutiques in Poland, for large law firms and for the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce (SCC Arbitration Institute) abroad and in research institutes (CZIiTT at the Warsaw University of Technology).

I am familiar with the practical aspects of running a research institution and have published a few research papers, in Polish and English. 


Throughout my legal career, I have been involved in pro-bono support for large cultural institutions, copyright management foundations, associations that run charitable activities for the people in need, as well as support for individuals: artists, journalists, people repressed during the war. I took part in research projects as a lawyer and as a researcher. 

In my current profile, I reserve time for institutions dealing with projects related to education, research and innovation.

I currently work for Fundacja Rozwoju Edukacji Elektronicznej (FREE Institute) with its main seat in Warsaw.

Whenever possible, I publish articles to participate in the broadly understood development of a knowledge-based economy.


I handled several kinds of litigation, sometimes arbitration, cases, including:

  • statements of claim and collecting claims for entities from several different industries
  • personal rights claims, copyright claims, image violations, press law cases
  • defense against claims for business entities and individuals in a wide spectrum of specializations
  • real estate claims and matters
  • complex enforcement proceedings
  • bakruptcy and insolvency matters
  • insurance loss adjustments
  • capital markets cases
  • cases related to distribution, franchise, agency, unfair competition etc.

as well as:

  • negotiations
  • injunction and seizure proceedings
  • notice and take down enforcement
  • preparing strategies before taking action.

Not every matter can be settled, however, for the most part, it is usually worth a try – while making sure that the parties are safe to talk. In almost every case, a settlement is the most cost-effective solution.

I also have a wide experience in:

  • preparing and reviewing draft contracts, including license, technology transfer and franchise contracts, as well as contracts related both to private sector and to public sector activities (contracts concerning public financing and related paperwork) and multi-party contracts – my approach to drafting and reviewing contracts has been shaped by many years of handling disputes resulting from agreements
  • preparing legal opinions related to strategic aspects of business activity
  • preparing policies for on-line services, including privacy policies and basic GDPR documentation, and
  • drawing up settlements, sometimes finalizing complex, years-long disputes.


I graduated from Warsaw University, Law and Administration Faculty, in 2010. In 2013, I completed a post-graduate degree in Intellectual Property with the same institution. I completed a bar training at the Warsaw Bar of Advocates in 2014.

I am interested in the development of blockchain technology in the field of Intellectual Property, in particular in the music industry, which was the topic of my last larger publication.