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About me

I am a legal professional, currently employed as a legal librarian and finishing a PhD.

After watching The Counselor back in 2013, I decided that the cinematic industry is not worth my precious time. I watch maybe 3 movies per year, though usually even less than that. I do not own a tv set nor watch series. I do, however, watch some YouTube channels from time to time, usually documentaries and chit-chat. Since 2020, I have been listening to about 150 audiobooks per year. I currently use Storytel.

I listen to audiobooks in English for the simple reason that voice acting is more developed in the English speaking countries. I cannot stand narrators just reading a book without any effort at storytelling, concentrating on the beautiful tones of their own voices. I would not listen to a good book if badly performed. I am a typical critic, having no talent for recording audiobooks.

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