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Middlemarch (read by Juliet Stevenson)


manor house in summer

Author: George Eliot –

Publisher: Naxos Audiobooks –

Genre: Classic, Romance –

Overall rating: 5/5 –

Writing: 5/5 –

Duration: 35:38 (very long) –

Narrator: Juliet Stevenson –

Narrator/performance: 5/5 –

Impressions: 5/5 –

Performance errors: 0/5 –

Complexity/reading level: 3/5 –

Audience: General


As a non-native English speaker, I missed out on some of the classics, Middlemarch included. I was to find out that George Eliot was a pseudonym and that the story, although rich in serious observations of the troubles of both men and women, was written by a female writer. I was surprised at the maturity and ingenuity of this 19th century novel. The depth of observation was almost hard to believe. I loved the opening quotations which not only adorned but actually added another layer of meaning. I am sure that much of the general knowledge about George Eliot is nothing new for anglophones but, for me, the details were striking and fresh, making the experience one of a kind.

I am quite sure that there can be nothing new to say about a book that is among the best pieces of English literature ever written so I will keep this short. This is a strong contender for my audiobook of the year 2023. Juliet Stevenson’s performance was breathtaking, nothing short of genius. I may at some point listen to other renditions, only to compare. The book is worth revisiting several times.

Middlemarch, G. Eliot read by J. Stevenson cover

The cover is rather simple, showing only a simple photograph. The letters are clearly visible and on the whole the cover is balanced. Nothing to scorn at.

Cover Photo by Adam Sidaway on Unsplash