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How To Be Content: An Ancient Poet’s Guide for an Age of Excess


decorative, a Roman view

Authors: Stephen Harrison, Horace –

Publisher: HighBridge Audio –

Genre: Poetry –

Overall rating: 5/5 –

Writing: 5/5 –

Duration: 2:43h (short) –

Narrator: P. J. Ochlan –

Narrator/performance: 5/5 –

Impressions: n/a –

Performance errors: 0/5 –

Complexity/reading level: 2/5 –

Audience: General


A lovely production about ancient poetry and the life of Horace. It is ingeniously constructed, beautifully written and very easy to follow and enjoy. I suspect it was the publisher’s wish to have this academic material turned modern and relevant. Yet the resulting book is more than a fashionable collection of quotes and poem translations. The book has depth and character. It is perfect for the audiobook format. I also loved the lector’s rendition.

How To Be Content: An Ancient Poet’s Guide for and Age of Excess audiobook cover

The cover is rather dry, unnecessarily. I think it could easily be more bold and colorful.

Cover Photo by Luca Lago on Unsplash